Chapter news

February 2020


 Club caps have been finalized and the order will be placed for 5 dozen in the next day or two. At the meeting on Saturday, February 8,  it was initially thought the price would be $18 but after discussions with several members afterward,s and in order to keep it simple as well as provide a little (very little!) extra funding for the club, the price will be $20. If you would like to pre-order send remittance to the address Membership page, payable to MSIHC44. The caps will be distributed at events as shipping would be time consuming and additional costs.

We are also checking on getting extra patches like the ones on the cap but that's still in the works. More to follow on that at a later date.


Alabama Chapter #23 is restoring a one of a kind "B" Farmall Cotton Picker which survived the fire at the MS AG Museum. It will be returned to the museum after completion for display. They have received some parts donations from vendors but have requested cash donations from other clubs. 

At the club meeting Saturday, February 8, a motion was made to initially provide $100 from club funds to the effort with possibly additional amounts in the future. A brand new member then said he would match that amount - wow! Thanks Tom!

Well I'm issuing a challenge to the rest of our members to join in and see if we can't up the donation. Any donations can be sent to me at the address for new membership applications which can the found on the Membership page and made out to IHC Trust